Banking consultancy to structure your digital bank from end to end

Increase your revenue consistently and reduce expenses of your business

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We dive into your business and show you that, regardless of the core of your segment, it is possible to generate consistent sources of income by integrating financial products and services into your operation.



We bring new visions and perspectives to your business. Our experts go beyond the obvious and develop strategies, plans, processes, standards, policies and structures that increase the profitability of your business.

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Our experts know the way to turn expenses into income. With our solution, you will have the autonomy to operate more profitably and have the best rates and benefits on the market at your service.


to choose
and grow.

We are a financial services hub and we bring together the best products, rates and benefits on the market. Our solution is personalized and allows you to operate with autonomy and more profit.


to deliver
and monetize.

We deliver a complete, customized bank ready to generate business within 90 days.

Baasic can help you increase your revenues consistently
throughout the project
or at specific stages:



We structure your
digital banking operation
from end to end

We create the business model, strategy, operational plan, processes, standards, policies and all the governance structure necessary for your business to function

We support you in preparing all the legal documentation to open your digital bank


as a service.

We implement
all the solutions

We offer a complete white label digital banking platform, with financial products and services ready to sell

We support the integration of the digital bank with other technological platforms such as ERP, Loyalty, Cognitive Service, Business Intelligence, business partners and BaaS platforms.

We bridge the gap with partners capable of delivering a complete digital banking operation with the best gains for your business

We help you structure and implement
your digital bank from end to end:





Processes and




A complete hub of
financial solutions.
Embedded finance that
adapts to your business.

We are a consultancy that combines financial market intelligence and technology and helps companies of any segment and size find new sources of revenue. We identify opportunities and create recurring and consistent revenue by integrating the best financial products and services into clients' operations.

Our founders have more than
20 years' experience in the financial and technology sectors.

and have been responsible for leading major banking operations and innovating within these sectors. They are now bringing the best of the financial and technology market to other sectors and companies.


Professional with over 20 years’ experience in Banking, Issuer, Acquirer, Insurance, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Risks, Strategy and Digital Transformation. He was CEO of Banese, responsible for driving the bank’s entire strategy, leading the digital transformation, carrying out important projects such as: implementing the Recycler ATM, the New Mobile Banking, the Digital Bank, BaaS, the Open Innovation model and the institution’s M&A and Re-IPO operations.


Professional with over 20 years’ experience in Banking, Issuer, Acquirer, Insurance, Banking Technologies, IT Governance, Strategy and Digital Transformation. He was CIO/CSO at Banese and led the digital transformation journey, implementing the Recycler ATM, Mobile Banking, Digital Banking, BaaS and the Open Innovation Model, among other initiatives.

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Frequently ask questions:

Baasic is a Bank as a Service platform that allows you to create your own financial operation with ease, agility and security either by consuming our APIs to integrate with your platform or by using our complete White Label platform.

Our platform is highly customizable and scalable, allowing you to choose the services you want to use on your platform, including digital accounts, cards, payments and much more. What’s more, you can customize the look and feel of our White Label platform, including the name, logo and colors of your Digital Bank and start your new business, offering an incredible experience for your customers.

With Baasic, the client is entirely yours, so the only concern that the partner needs to have with our platform is to carry out marketing, prospect clients, sell products, carry out customer service and relations and prevent illegal activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing and financial fraud. All this will be done using our platform and the tools we provide to make your life and your business easier.

Baasic is able to develop and deploy a complete, customized digital bank in up to 90 days.

Baasic was structured by bank executives who, as well as having led operations, know the best financial solutions from end to end. Now, they are responsible for helping businesses structure their own bank – regardless of the core business.

Through a modern cloud platform and technology stack (highly adaptable and scalable), Baasic provides a solution with banking products and services, such as credit and debit cards, loans, insurance, investments, means of payment, etc.

The billing model for BaaSik’s services will depend on the modality you choose:

White Label Platform: in this modality, you will pay for the Setup (configuration, installation and customization of the platform). If you need to hire our consultancy to support the end-to-end implementation of your Digital Bank, including the business model, strategic plan, operating model, business and control processes, compliance and governance model and everything else needed to get your operation up and running, you will pay a fee for the service.
Once you have set up production, you will pay a monthly fee for using the platform and a monthly fee for transactions carried out by customers. On the other hand, you will receive a monthly commission for the products sold in your digital bank, for example, for each credit operation contracted by your customers, you will receive a commission on the amount contracted.

Consumption of APIs: for this modality, you will pay a monthly fee for the use of our APIs and a monthly fee for the transactions carried out by your customers. In return, you will receive a monthly commission for the products sold in your digital bank, for example, for each credit operation contracted by your customers, you will receive a commission on the amount contracted.

Bank as a Service (BaaS) is a business model in which financial institutions make certain components of their banking services – such as infrastructure, technology and products – available to partner companies, allowing them to offer banking services under their own brand, without the need to build the entire banking infrastructure from scratch.

In essence, BaaS allows non-financial companies – such as fintechs, startups, technology companies and retailers – to incorporate financial services into their offerings without the need to obtain a full banking license or invest in complex back-end systems. These companies can take advantage of the banking infrastructure already established by a BaaS provider like Baasic.

A Financial Marketplace is an online platform that brings together various financial service providers and products in one place, allowing consumers and businesses to compare, choose and purchase a variety of financial products from different institutions. These products can include loans, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance, investments and other related services.

The concept of a Financial Marketplace is similar to an online marketplace, where different providers compete to offer their products and services to consumers. However, in a Financial Marketplace, the products on offer are related to financial services.

A financial services hub is a company that acts as a facilitator and enables companies from the most diverse segments to create their own financial operation without needing a banking license.

Baasic is an example of a financial services hub. We offer an integrated data and financial services infrastructure for companies and deliver within 90 days a customized bank ready to generate income for the client.

APIs are “Application Programming Interfaces”. An API is a set of rules and protocols that allows different pieces of software to interact and communicate with each other. It defines how different software components should communicate, what operations can be performed and what data can be accessed.

APIs play a fundamental role in the integration of systems and applications, allowing developers to create software that can interact with external services and resources in a standardized and efficient way. Instead of having to develop all the functionality from scratch, developers can use APIs to access third-party resources more quickly and easily.

For example, when you use a weather forecasting application, it probably doesn’t collect all the weather data on its own. Instead, it’s probably using an API from a weather service, which provides the updated data to the application.

Baasic’s Privacy Policy has been drawn up on the basis of the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) in order to treat its users – internal and external employees, service providers, partners and customers – as transparently as possible.

If you have any questions about the LGPD and our Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to

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