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Using Banking as a Service (BaaS) on cloud services

Using Banking as a Service (BaaS) on cloud services offers numerous advantages for both financial institutions and their customers. Here are some of the key benefits: Cost Efficiency:                               Reduced Infrastructure Costs: By utilizing cloud services, banks can eliminate or significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining physical data centers and

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What are Fintechs and its main particularities in the financial market?

Usually, bureaucracy tends to be one of the main features of the banking system. However, what if an emerging initiative would propose the same (and many other) traditional banking services, only with no bureaucracy? Therefore, Fintechs are organizations entirely focused in both quality and quick service, agility and full bureaucracy

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Banking as a Service in Brazil in 2023

In recent years, Brazil has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its financial services sector, thanks to the advent of Banking as a Service (BaaS). This innovative approach to banking has disrupted traditional financial models, making financial services more accessible, efficient, and adaptable. As we delve into the Brazilian BaaS landscape

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Inteligência de mercado financeiro e tecnologia para qualquer segmento e tamanho

Financial market intelligence and technology for any segment and size

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